I started my journey just over three years ago; initially it was for my daughter as I wanted to be able to go on holiday and run on the beach with her but it soon became a way of life.

I joined the gym and started doing classes and very soon the weight was coming off. After losing 3.5 stone I needed an extra push and had been going to CJ’s insanity class for a while and liked her passion and grit so signed up for joint PT sessions with a friend which soon moved to 1:1 sessions as well! I now get moaned at for doing ‘too much exercise’ where before I got moaned at for not getting off the sofa!

It is now my way of life, I’ve discovered a new passion at 40! CJ has made me realise I’m capable of many things, it is mind over matter and I CAN do it!

Sara, 40 (Luton)