This is a photo I never wanted anyone to see. I was a yo-yo dieter most of my life this is the pic that made me wanna get back to how I used to be… I’ve been slim then fat, thin then thick. I’ve been trough it all but this is one stage of my life that I’ll never forget, it haunts me everyday…. Using quick fixes like slim fast, lighter life, magic T, slim tea, thin T you name it I took it even lived on laxatives….sad init. I did it all what ever they advertised I went and got it and tried it had a obsession of being thin I wanted to be the skinny chick in the gym. I was blessed with big thighs and big but didn’t know how to use it to my advantage . Back in the day I didn’t want to be labeled chubby, I wanted to be skinny….

2011 weighing 59kg I was finally happy but due to crazy quick fixes, I became very ill nearly losing my life but luckily I only lost my thyroid…..I ballooned up to 116kg. Slowly but surely through eating clean and training Im now 76kg losing fat gaining muscle, I’m doing this the way it should be done learning everyday… My life is changing everyday and so are my goals…. It’s not easy but I’ll never give up…. I’m not where I want to be but I will be soon on that stage winning over 35’s women’s physique. Do it the right way the best way and you’ll always succeed…..

Health is wealth, without your health there’s no life.

Mel, 41 (London)