Fantastic Transformation


I started my journey just over three years ago; initially it was for my daughter as I wanted to be able to go on holiday and run on the beach with her but it soon became a way of life.

I joined the gym and started doing classes and very soon the weight was coming off. After losing 3.5 stone I needed an extra push and had been going to CJ’s insanity class for a while and liked her passion and grit so signed up for joint PT sessions with a friend which soon moved to 1:1 sessions as well! I now get moaned at for doing ‘too much exercise’ where before I got moaned at for not getting off the sofa!

It is now my way of life, I’ve discovered a new passion at 40! CJ has made me realise I’m capable of many things, it is mind over matter and I CAN do it!

Sara, 40 (Luton)


I have never been one to exercise, and being over weight didn’t help that. I heard of Zumba and had to try it. Honestly, it was such a giggle. I had a smile on my face the whole time. I could go at my own pace and tried to keep up. Attending classes along with following Weight Watchers helped me lose 69lbs – almost 5 stone and transformed my life.

When it comes to starting out with either an exercise regime or starting follow a healthy eating plan, just take that first step. I have never met anyone who has regretted it.

Fiona, 35 (Northampton)


I’ve never been skinny except when I was a teenager, I have always struggled with my weight and yo yo up and down. Being in my 40’s it’s harder to loose weight now.

About 10 months ago I decided to start to go to some exercise classes, it was hard going at first but slowly my fitness levels increased and was able to do more classes.

It can still be a struggle and I do not always eat clean and eat rubbish but I just push on through the classes and feel amazing after them.

I’ve meet some great people in this journey and some great trainers.

CJ is a beast but she keeps you going and motivated, and kicks your back side… I still have a way to go and I’m sure CJ will get me there, she is an amazing trainer.

Emma, 44 (Luton)


So today has been a milestone in my journey!

52 weeks ago today I decided to lose abit of weight and get fit! Now 5 stone lighter, 4 dress sizes down and too many inches to count later, I am here!

These 52 weeks have shown me not only physically but mentally you can do what ever you put your mind too!

Your mind is a powerful thing! Never let anyone stop your achieving anything! Nothing in life comes easy!

I am nowhere near done on this journey! There is so much I now want to achieve!

Everyone who has supported me, helped me, challenged me, put up with me you know who you are! I love you all. #Alittlebitstronger

Kelly, 35 (Luton)



This is a photo I never wanted anyone to see. I was a yo-yo dieter most of my life this is the pic that made me wanna get back to how I used to be… I’ve been slim then fat, thin then thick. I’ve been trough it all but this is one stage of my life that I’ll never forget, it haunts me everyday…. Using quick fixes like slim fast, lighter life, magic T, slim tea, thin T you name it I took it even lived on laxatives….sad init. I did it all what ever they advertised I went and got it and tried it had a obsession of being thin I wanted to be the skinny chick in the gym. I was blessed with big thighs and big but didn’t know how to use it to my advantage . Back in the day I didn’t want to be labeled chubby, I wanted to be skinny….

2011 weighing 59kg I was finally happy but due to crazy quick fixes, I became very ill nearly losing my life but luckily I only lost my thyroid…..I ballooned up to 116kg. Slowly but surely through eating clean and training Im now 76kg losing fat gaining muscle, I’m doing this the way it should be done learning everyday… My life is changing everyday and so are my goals…. It’s not easy but I’ll never give up…. I’m not where I want to be but I will be soon on that stage winning over 35’s women’s physique. Do it the right way the best way and you’ll always succeed…..

Health is wealth, without your health there’s no life.

Mel, 41 (London)


It’s seeing pics like this that make me realise that all the hard work has been worth it. Starting out 4 months ago I was 2 sizes bigger and had been struggling massively with both my diet and getting back in to working out. I was feeling very down about it all.

After a few unsuccessful tries at the start of the year I got myself back into doing some classes and having personal training both with @cjkeepfit and it has been tough!! But the encouragement is always there!! I’ve been pushed beyond my limits and I’m still shocked that I’m actually able to do half the things I have been taught. The sessions are really good mostly because I’m always made to feel like I can do it…It has given me a massive confidence boost and made me a happier person…

I feel like we’re on the start of a journey now for me to get stronger and see more improvements.

Careen, 29 (Hitchin)


My journey begun in February when I decided enough was enough, no more excuses!!

My life would consist of meals out, take aways, no exercise, crisps, biscuits, chocolate, fizzy drinks, nights out drinking and not caring about my health, I would eat for comfort….

One day I woke up and realised that I was putting my body through so much stress and that I could end up with so many health problems in the future… I decided to change my lifestyle forever!!!

I begun to jog, run, cycle and exercise in the house (no gym) I eat to fuel my body and give it the nutrition it needs. It has been 4 months and I’m 2 and a half stone lighter, but what’s better is I am happy and I have so much more energy!!

Persistence and motivation to push beyond your own limits, working through the pain, sweat and tears is all worth it when you see and feel the results. I was always a believer of “I can’t” but now I know that “I can and I will”… It’s about making sacrifices to better your own life.

Alice, 25 (Bedford)


You can achieve anything you want to with a bit of determination and focus.

I decided to do something about my health which started with one fitness class a week and a change of diet.

4 years later, I am fitter, lighter, eat and enjoy a varied nutritious diet and I do 4-5 classes a week, having fun along the way.

Stay determined. Stay focused.

Dawn, 53 (Luton)


I have struggled with my weight since I turned 15. Once I reached an accountable age, I tried Weight Watchers and Slimming World many times and it worked while I was going each week, but once I stopped the weight would pile back on, so I needed to find a way to have a healthy eating regime that was both realistic and manageable. Being a single mother of two, I had a habit of picking, eating my children’s left over dinner and even emotional and stress eating.

Turning thirty was a time of change for me. Time to start taking care of myself and educating myself. As luck would have it, that was the year I met CJ KEEP FIT and she did an amazing job at helping me to understand; I can do more, I can push further. I am strong in body as well as in my mind and I should stop saying “I can’t” do something, because I can do anything I put my mind to. I started by taking part in classes and then asked her to be my personal trainer.

CJ KEEP FIT has helped me by looking at my eating habits and helping me to find healthy alternatives, giving me the knowledge to make healthier options and pointing me in the right direction to educate myself on nutrition. Making my life healthier has also made my boy’s lives healthier and I have given them the knowledge to make healthier food choices and they even take part in my home workouts and encourage me to workout and eat healthy when I am having an off day.

Since I started attending sessions with CJ KEEP FIT I have lost three and a half stone, dropped three dress sizes and managed to maintain it. It has been an incredible journey and I am seeing the changes in my body and my eating choices.

Tamara, 32 (Houghton Regis)